8:30 am - 12:00pm
Thermal Storage in Hydronic Systems

John Siegenthaler
Appropriate Designs

This session will examine the many situations when thermal energy storage can be used to improve the performance and longevity of hydronic heating and cooling systems. We will discuss several hardware options and show you how to properly pipe and control thermal storage within a wide range of systems. You will be introduced to several unique techniques that maximize the performance of thermal storage and allow you to deliver smoothly operating and highly efficient heating and cooling systems. Topics covered include: buffer tanks for mod/con boilers; heat loss from thermal storage; piping and control options; on-demand DHW; and heat sources with integrated thermal storage.



dan_headshot_for_web1:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Dead Men's Steam School

Dan Holohan

This all-technical seminar will make you familiar with the many types of old steam heating systems and what can go wrong with them. Dan’s easy-to-follow explanations will have you seeing inside these old systems. You will become a much better troubleshooter after this class and will leave it with a solid overview of steam heating as it applies to older buildings of all sizes. Among the topics Dan will cover are: pressure-reducing valves; steam-to-water heat exchangers; pressure settings; steam traps; the importance of pipe insulation; steam heating loads; and balancing systems with properly sized air vents.


This session has been approved for 3 AIA LUs and 0.4 CEUs

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*BNP Media is authorized to offer 0.4 CEUs for this program.   0.1 CEU = 1 contact hour.

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